I Want to Become a Wildlife Biologist

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Wildlife Biologist Isn’t being outside better then being stuck in a cubicle? I want to be a wildlife biologist because I love being outside and enjoying nature. In this paper I am going to describe the work environment, education, earnings, job outlook, pros, and cons of being a wildlife biologist. The work environment that would come with being a wildlife biologist would be relatively calmer then an average work place. Wildlife biologists spend most of the time during the work day out in the field. When working wildlife biologists would have little to no supervision and when there is supervision it is a higher ranking biologist that watches over you. The job hours would be just like a normal nine to five. differ from state to state, or from department to department. Wildlife biologist’s work anywhere from zoos, and animal sanctuaries to national parks. They study the animals and see how they react to certain factors that are introduced too the environment and how it effects them. They study how certain animals reproduce, find food, find shelter, and if or when they migrate. The average pay for a wildlife biologist in twenty-fourteen was twenty-seven dollars and seventy-four cents an hour and fifty-seven thousand seven hundred and ten dollars a year (BLS.gov, 2014). You must meet certain educational requirements. To be a wildlife biologist you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. After high school I am going to attend a junior college and get an associate degree in
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