I Want to Graduate as a Civil Engineer

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Development in infrastructure like roads, bridges and dams has facilitated interaction between different communities enhancing trade and cultural exchange. Until recently little attention was paid to the effects of infrastructure development on our environment and living conditions. Increased exploitation of natural resources is challenging mankind’s response to nature’s dynamic equilibrium changes. I believe Civil Engineering will play a major role in harmonious engineering development and overcome years of non-sustainable development planning.
India is on the threshold of hectic development in infrastructure and is in a tearing hurry to make up for lost time as it tries to catch up with the developed world to achieve a better standard of living. It is here that I hope to contribute to a more conscientious development agenda that will have minimal effects on future generations. Watching a country blossom with new mega-structures and cities is an opportunity that comes once every few generations and structural engineering will form the center stage of engineering development. Ever since childhood, I was curious about how things were shaped in the world. When I visited towns and cities I was always stuck staring at physical structures – be it an ancient monument or a daunting skyscraper. Fortunately, I had patient members in my family who explained the intricacies that ensured my…
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