I Want to Pursue My Graduate Program from HULT International Business School

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I am writing this personal statement to pursue my Graduate Program from HULT International Business School. I believe that continuing my education from an esteemed university will not only help me advance in my future career but also my personality which will be of assistance to me throughout the life.

I am recently graduated from American University in Dubai (AUD). I have earned Bachelors of Business Administration at the American University in Dubai and I majored in Marketing. Through my C.V. you can see that I possess all the qualities and skills that you require. Along with an excellent academic throughout my school and university life, I have also gained a wide variety of transferable skills through many extra-curricular activities and work experience.

I have chosen marketing as a subject of interest because in this contemporary world, global business is greatly influenced by marketing. Marketing suits my passion of as I have a understanding of consumer’s needs and capability to fulfill those needs keeping organizational objectives in mind. By continuing studying marketing along with exploring a diverse variety of interests and needs of people, I believe that I will be able to pursue my true interest and will understand the whole of what global society need rather than just a minority.

Within academics, I have challenged myself to succeed as much as I have been able, in efforts to improve myself both as a student…
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