I Want to Pursue My Studies in Computer Science

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“Achiever's couldn't have rowed the river of success had the slackened their grip on the paddle of hard work...” Usually, these documents are filled with such paradigms or "words of the wise". I am not too much of a stickler to norms, but I don't want to make this a dry short letter either. Why Computer Science? Right from the time of my schooling I was taught at home and school that Computer Science was the most progressive emerging subject and that the wonderful contraptions called computers were considered " The next best thing to Human Brain if not equaling it together". With this developed a keen interest in this fascinating field and as time passed by I realized that Computer Science would pervade into humanity to help man realize simple daily needs to the most complex technological tasks. There is no denying that fact that computers are an integral part of our life and the symbiosis we share with these bits-n-bytes is overwhelming. In this fast track age of information technology Computers Science has a pivotal role to play in serving as an important tool to improve the quality of service to users. I want to equip myself with higher education in this dynamic and vibrant discipline. This will further facilitate to enhance my talent and professional competency in this market driven field. Why Graduate Study? In the ever-changing world of Engineering and Technology, where each new day sees a spate of new concepts and applications, I want
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