I Want to Pursue Studies in Business Management, Economics and Finance

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The decisions I make, the actions I take all follow as natural consequences of my curiosity. An unanswered question creates tension in my mind, a nagging that won't end until I know the answer. And that's what motivates me to learn, to read, to take up internships, and to research. I want to know the how's and whys of everything. Yet it's not enough to just know. I have to understand what I take-in. And any logical system of information that I can understand and analyze is like manna from heaven for me. That's why I love Economics, Business and Statistics.
I have been studying business and management since grade 9. The first two years of high school have taught me all the basic concepts and applications. This foundation proved itself, when I started the IBDP in grade 11, which has today provided me with holistic knowledge of business principles. The sheer amount of understanding, reasoning and reflecting has pushed my thinking abilities to a whole new level. These combined with life experiences that include a family that is entrenched in various business activates and a set of highly enlightening internships has convinced me to choose a course in Business Management and specialize in the field of Entrepreneurship. I aim to augment my ability to communicate and lead with integrity. I seek intensive communication training, a course that focuses on teamwork, and develops both greater decision making ability and…
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