I Want to Specialize in Psychology

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Personal Statement People all over the world have the right to choose the ways of making their manner of life extremely successful by deciding on the best means of support and by advancing themselves in the fields they are deeply interested, as hearty satisfaction and immense skills regarding the preferred major are the keys to success in their career. I am facing the similar circumstances, as my intellectual capabilities are also heading towards the professional career related to psychology and to make this aim practicable I need assistance of University of California for pursuing my higher studies in this field. The subject in which I need to specialize is psychology, which is the component part of science that is concerned with the action or state of thinking or the direction of a person's thoughts, desires, inclinations, or energies as a real thing and in its association to the human body as well as to the set of circumstances or conditions, especially physical conditions, in which a person or community lives, works, develops, etc., or a thing exists or operates, that are relied on the observation of the attitudes or reaction of the person in the given circumstances either normal or based on experimenting those situations. I feel that University of California can help me out in this regard by enlightening me with this subject and by ameliorating my skills regarding the motivation of the people to lead a successful and easygoing life without any disorder that affects or

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