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I Wants to go to Prose by Suzanne B. Jordan In "I wants to go to the prose" (1995), Suzanne B. Jordan emphasizes that a teacher's duty is to help the students in their studies but whether teachers should help students with their personal problems is controversial. In other words, students should not come up to the teachers telling their personal problems so that the teacher, being merciful, excuses them or be a little more considerate when grading their papers. This is like using emotional intelligence ( emotional black mailing etc.) on teachers, which tends to descend them from their basic responsibility; which is to teach and to evaluate all students equally. In her article, Jordan gives a lot of support for this; specifically, a…show more content…
A teacher is like a judge who has to give judgment against a suspect charged in a case to declare him or her guilty or innocent; that is, a teacher has to deal with all the students on the ground of equality. Therefore, in my view, teachers should assist the students in their academic problems but not be involved in their personal issues. In other words, teachers should evaluate students on the basis of hoe much quality work and effort they have put in, and not on the basis of what their personal problems are respectively. There are people in the world who have different views considering this matter. Some of them think of teachers as problem solving ‘experts'. Yes! Teachers are problem solving experts but what kind of problems are they supposed to solve? Teachers can help students in solving problems in studies, but if they also have to deal with the personal problems of the students, they might have to step down from their duty in an attempt to help students. Another view is that teachers should be more considerate and understanding. In this case, the meaning of considerate and understanding is the main conflict. The people in favor of this argument think that possible aid them in solving personal problems and if possible aid them in solving these problems in addition to academic concerns. Some people regard teachers as stress relievers. Once again

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