I Was A Bad Kid

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I was a “bad kid”. I spent my teenage years squandering my talents of which as a child were my strengths. I was in the first class to graduate from a brand new magnet program known as the “pre-medical academy” at Boca Raton Middle School in Florida where my parents and sweet little sister currently reside. Up till high school, I earned several awards, got second place in the state in the science fair and did well academically. My age of rebelling started roughly upon my sophomore year of high school when I was around 14 years old due to my understanding, memories that were repressed being surfaced regarding my childhood when something bad happened to me for over a year in Kenya, Africa where I grew up. It was not by a family member so I really could not blame anyone. I would like to clarify my “rebel” age consisted of smoking weed daily, excessively cutting class, and failing classes to the point where I barely graduated high school in 2012 at the bottom 10%. It was also around the time where I told my parents and for a moment they did not believe me and were naturally in shock. Long story short. Even though I was in the 80 percentile of my SAT’s I had to attend community college because of my 2.0 GPA, which was fine and cheaper. I was still taking life lightly and got into a bad motorcycle accident in my first semester of college at Palm Beach State College and failed out of all my classes. I was at the lowest point in my life at the time. All my good friends were
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