I Was A Good Eater

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I was born on a Tuesday March 9 1999. I was born in Sioux fall, SD in Minnehaha county. I was born in Sanford hospital in the same room as my sister Sara and also my nephews Isaac and Austin. I were born exactly at 545 pm. Dr madison had to finish his patients for the day and then came to deliver me before he could go home. I was long and skinny. I was born at 42.5 weeks, which is late for most babies are born at 40 weeks. I was 21.5 inches long and my weight was 7 pounds and 8 ounces. I had blonde hair, but not tooo much hair at all. I had long legs with hardly any fat. I had the same blue eyes then as now. Because I was so overdue my skin was dry and I had lost all of my body fat so I had loose skin.Because I was overdue I attend up fast because I was a good eater. On the day I was born, my mother Anna went to the hospital to be induced. Which is what they do when a baby is overdue. My Mom and my sisters Susy and Amy drove in early at 7 am so they could start the process of me being born. They knew it was a boy because my Mom had gotten an ultrasound and it showed a that I was a male so there was no surprise there. The weather was nice, My family went into the hospital and they did the IV’s so that I could begin being born, people came and left all day throughout the process of me being born. The only people in my family that were actually there when I was born was my aunt Andrea My mother of course and my sisters Susy and Amy. My Father was at work and My

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