I Was A Great Day Today

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Well, I hope that you had a great day today. I know that I owe you that “Part 2” email and I will get that to you sometime tomorrow, but I wanted to take some time tonight and write Caitlyn a letter. I know that she is aware that we are communicating back and forth, and I just wanted to let her know that she and her feelings matter greatly to me, and that I care what she thinks. My ex-wife (number 1) started dating shortly after we divorced and that man never showed any interest or one ounce of concern for my sweet Abbie and Ruthie. She ended up marrying that guy and he was not kind to my girls at all and completely rejected them. Finally, she ended the marriage after a year and a half, but my daughters had already been shattered with how my ex-wife’s husband had treated them before and after the marriage. I would never want to do anything to hurt you and those beautiful children of yours; I would rather that God took my life before something like that could ever happen. I was just thinking, how could someone say that they cared deeply about God the Father, but not want anything to do with his dear Son. To be committed to the Father and not His son is not dedication at all. In much the same way, for one to say that they are starting to have feelings for someone else is not enough, they must genuinely care about that person’s family as well, because our family is such a vital part of who we are. So, I would like for you to read the letter first and after reading it you can…

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