I Was A Great Reader Essay

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In first grade, I had just started reading or that is what I recall as my first time. My stuttering problem was always there, but I was a “great reader” according to my teacher Ms. Brown. She was a kind elderly woman, who wanted to see everybody in her class succeed in reading a whole book. Then second grade came at the snap of a finger. There, I wrote my first paragraph full of “mumbo jumbo”. Even though I wrote my first paragraph in second grade, I did not learn about the writing process until high school. At the end of high school, I learned that we had barely touched on the writing process due to a significant place in my life… College! In my first English class (Eng 180), my professor touched on the ideas of rhetoric, the writing process, and discourse community. Since my old professor did not go in depth on these topics, means that they were still fresh in my head with no place to stay. In English 280, we went into full detail on these topics and learned more about the meaning and purpose of them all. I knew that the writing process includes brainstorming, researching, proofreading, revising, and etc.; however, I felt like I have been doing it all wrong for years. I have made many improvements to my writing due to English 280, but the skills that I improved in the most were researching and synthesizing. This semester one of the skills I improved in was researching. I have always been a fan of doing tons of research for an assignment before I start it. However,
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