I Was A Great Teacher

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In Educating Esme there are moment when we see how she taught positively, but we also see how things had negative consequences or weaknesses. I saw weaknesses in her teaching in the way she is sometimes overly caring with her students. I also saw negative consequences when she went to Mr. Turner about B.B. I also think that there were negative consequences with her conflict resolution meetings. Though there were consequences and weaknesses in her teaching I think there were also positive points. Her teaching also related to Robert Powell’s principle of teaching. Through all the good, negative consequences and weaknesses we can really see that Esme was a great teacher. B.B was a student who was disrespectful and was threatening to other classmates. Esme went to Mr. Turner and told him about B.B’s behavior in the classroom. I think that she did the right thing in going to Mr. Turner however it had negative consequences. B.B was suspended and he wasn’t being taught and that has an effect on his learning. When he came back to school his mother came with him. She started hitting him right in the hall because of his gang involvement and acting out at school. I think that this also ties into the weaknesses that Esme has. She is so overly caring and it sometimes can be seen when she really sees what her student go through. I think this can be seen when she wrote “Ozzie’s mom says Ozzie cries for me at night, wanting to talk to me, that he feels alone in the world. Everyone is so…
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