I Was A Great Time

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I had been in Florida for a couple days then, and I was having a great time. My dad was getting married, I was hanging out at the beach, spending time with my now step brothers and step sister, life was amazing. I felt like I was possessed with happiness, and I had no worries. Everybody was smiling, laughing, and having a good time hanging out.
On the sixth day my two step brothers and step sister went back to Michigan. The days were going so fast, it felt like the grinch was stealing the time. My dad was then leaving very early the next morning to go on his honeymoon. So to celebrate the last night before he and my step mom left, we went out to have a delicious dinner. Once we got back and we were stuffed full of food like a turkey on thanksgiving, my dad and my step mom went home to go to bed, while me and my brother stayed up to swim in the pool. The warm pool water felt so nice moving across my smooth stagnant still body, as the cool Florida breeze brushed against my face. The sky was black as coal, and it looked like endless darkness. Not a single star was in the sky. I sat there staring at the pool changing all the colors of the rainbows from the large light in the pool. The sight of the lights was so delightful. All was silent, except for a cricket that broke the silence every now and then. But I continued to lay there embracing the silence and peacefulness.
Around midnight, me and my brother finally decided to go to bed. We went inside, put on our pajamas, and…
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