I Was A Horrible Writer

Satisfactory Essays
I was a horrible writer since I was in high school, and I 've always had hard times writing essays for writing classes. I knew I had to improve a lot on how to establish academic essays and learn to come up with good ideas. Every time I make up a mind to concentrate on writing a good academic essay, I always end up rushing through rest of the essay after spending few hours on it. It was easy for me to essays until I took this WR 122 taught my Professor Wood. When I compare myself today with me from the past as a writer, I 've improved numerous amount of skills on writing. Not only I can now write essays better and faster, I 've gather many things about how academic essays are written, and doing researches on essay never seemed so easy after I took this class.

I am very impressed on how I did on all four of my essays I 've done in class, but the second essay has to be my favorite essay. I 've always done better at argument essay than analysis, but I can tell that I 've improved on analysis. Since I know a lot about Korean wars and North Korea, it was easier for me to write the analysis essay and understand how the essay is written. I still need a lot to learn when it comes to researching and how I use them to build my claim stronger, but I believe that all the researches I used help me write an academic essay. I still need to improve on many things; nonetheless, I have made a met the student learning outcomes. I always tried to participate in class activities and be
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