I Was A Little Kid

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When I was a little kid in kindergarten, I would let my friends talk me in to doing stupid things. We would lie to try and get out of trouble, but it never seemed to work when I was little. This is when I learned it is not always best to follow along and do what my friend or friends are doing. A friend and I were trying to think of some things to do during nap time. When we had finally come up with a good idea, we were at recess playing outside on the playground. At the time it seemed like a good, but when I was a little I did not want to take a nap during nap time every day. We came up with an idea to collect some pea gravel and to play with those during nap time. After we had collected some pea gravel and stuffed it in our pockets, I started to get nervous because we were not supposed to be bring pea gravel or anything like that back inside the school with us; we then had to try and sneak the pea gravel past the teachers. When I was walking past a few of the teachers to try and make it to my classroom, I started to get scared because I knew I was doing something I was not supposed to be doing.
It seemed like it was taking forever to get to the room because I was so nervous and it could call it scared too because I was. When we finally made it to the room, we went and got our mats out to lay them out beside each other. We made another plan to lie beside a table together, so we could play with the pea gravel under the table and away from where the teacher’s
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