I Was A Little Nervous

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At the beginning of the semester, I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect with this class. All I knew was that I had to take one of the possible three choices to go towards my Education English Minor. For quite a few years now I have begun to read more than I ever had in my life. Growing up as a child I never wanted to read, unless it was with my grandmother, and even then, I had to be in a specific mood. Still, even though I have been reading, I can promise you they are not any highly-prized novels; most of them are all romance novels. Because of these experiences, and after entering the classroom and finding out what novels we would be reading, I became a little nervous. My reader experiences before this class had been very…show more content…
I have learned to see the importance in breaking a text apart to find the deeper meaning, and how there almost always is one if you’re willing to search for it. In connection with what I have said, I have also enjoyed making connections with the text; connections to myself and connections to the world. Even if I did not particularly enjoy the text we were reading, my appreciation for it was still there. In the past, if I hated a book that was pretty much it and I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Now, however, things have changed. For example, I did not particularly enjoy reading the Mary Rowlandson text. Even though I didn’t enjoy reading the text, particularly, I did enjoy listening to and taking part in, the conversations in the class that came out of the text. I can also appreciate the possibilities of why she wrote it, and what the implications have been because it was written. If I had to choose one thing in particular that I enjoyed the least, I know you’re going to hate me for this, but it was probably the poetry. I know you have said that it is a cliché to say, “I have never really understood poetry,” but for me, I still feel that is relevant. I have never really been exposed to poetry, to be honest. Throughout elementary, the only time I was ever really exposed was during speech competitions my small private school put on in which we had the option to try and memorize. In upper levels of
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