I Was A Music Major Is For Me

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“I thought I was talented…then l I came to college”

Can you imagine being told your good at something your whole life, then get to college and not be half as good as you thought you were, or maybe not good at all. Just plain BAD! Ok, I’m exaggerating. I’m being really dramatic, but that’s how I feel at least once a month for at least… never mind. In high school, it wasn’t hard for me to stand out. There was one girl that played the snare drum, one person that played classical piano, one person who competed in pageants and gave out signature cards, and one person that said the morning announcements. ME!! I had it ALL!!! All I had to do was smile, and teachers gave me what I wanted. In college, it seems everyone wants what I want. After two weeks, I called my mom crying saying, “I don’t think being a music major is for me”. I felt so stupid, as I looked at my self cry on FaceTime. (it wasn’t cute) I was struggling terribly in music theory (it’s improving, I guess) and felt way behind musically. However, my mom reminded me that I had to work for what I wanted. (something I never did before). I developed a regime where I practice and study non-stop, which works beautifully. I just don’t sleep or eat like a normal human-being, but it’s whatever. The other day, I listened to Pastor Terry Anderson (via YouTube, he lives in Texas) talk about dreams. He said that everyone has a dream that God has placed in our heart, and we must exercise those gifts/dreams to the best of OUR

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