I Was A Woman For A Person, Who Was The Only One At The Time?

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As I interacted with different people, I found one rather kind woman, who was the only one at the time, accepted an invite to see a movie, once I understood she was a lesbian. I accepted any offer of friendship. We had a curious dynamic, as she adopted me as her wingman. She helped ease my isolation. It was an unusual adventure, as I entered a world that I was not a member. As a heterosexual man who was clubbing with a lesbian, I was an unusual wingman. I improved my social skills, observing her. The differences in our skills were pronounced. I could have asked a comatose woman for a date, for her to wake her up long enough to reject me, while I thought she could pick up a date at a funeral. It certainly was an interesting adventure, yet…show more content…
The other was a group of artists, who welcomed anyone. They held that God was a made-made construct following Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” to be your own god or goddess. Be Your Own Heaven ~ Fall 1988 Heaven is a ship in a bottle and every ship is new and unique. Passing from this life to the next is simply to step from the corridor of life, to the room of your dreams that is your world. It is the flip of a card in the deck of life that shows your true self not to others, but, to the possibilities that make you. Be the captain of your unique dream and when you are unfettered from this life, your dream is true that your truth is heaven. Following fantasy author Piers Anthony, I was using my talent as a pointillist to begin designing my own five-suited Tarot deck, based on his Tarot trilogy. Drinking coffee as I drew, more precisely, I dotted my paper with ink. I tended to have people watch me work. They would watch for a short time, before wandering off. If I tried to engage them in conversation, they tended to find something else to do. Simply put, I was a momentary conversation piece, making me a talking “knick-knack”. On one occasion, I was the one who wanted to wander off. As I finished a card, someone new told me that I needed to stop immediately what I was doing. When asked about why I was drawing something so offensive to Christianity so close to Easter, I told this person in an off-the-cuff aside, “I had given up the Bible
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