I Was An Idiot Through My Tears

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If only I could tell you everything this heart yearns for. That would only make me feel more desperate, that without you I couldn 't even breathe. You were my cage and yet the place where I felt most safe. If I continue to rely on you for everything, what would that make me? We can 't go back to those days where I would cover my eyes, we both knew that this relationship we had wouldn 't be able to continue like this. "What are you talking about? I called you Ri-chan way back when we were kids." I said, trying to laugh my way out. He didn 't buy it. When I knew that the love I had for my brother was that of a love that couldn 't be returned, a hopeless unrequited love, I had refused to cry. You silently sat next to me on the roof at our…show more content…
"Even if I did regain my memories of when we started dating, what would that change?" His eyebrows creased in confusion. "Why would you move away without saying anything to me? If you remember about us, they why did you leave me...?" I cut him off with a short laugh. "Weren 't you the one who betrayed me first?" "Eh?" He said, confused. "What do you mean?" "That day…you kissed that girl! I…I don 't want you to stay with me because of that promise. You obviously like her, but you kept rejecting her because of me, right?" "Her? Who are you…?" He paused and then his eyes widened as he remembered something. "That 's wrong. It wasn 't like that at all." Ritsu pulled my hand and forced me to sit down again. "It 's true that I kissed her but it wasn 't because I like her." He then started to explain what happened. "That girl pleaded for me to kiss her. Since she was moving away, she wanted something to remember me by. I asked her why she liked me so much and she said it was about how I didn 't treat her like the others and pity her. I had forgotten about it until she told me but that day…I remember how the class decided to play dodgeball and since she was feeling okay, she also wanted to play. Our classmates didn 't want to let her play and told her it wouldn 't be good if she collapsed or something. I told them to think about how they would feel if they were in her shoes. After thinking about it for a little they apologized and
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