I Was Auditioning For One

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I was auditioning for one of Mr. Kentros ' choirs. I stood in the hallway nervously—as always—Rachel was there practicing for her audition, which was after mine. I 'm ready for this. I can do it! Coby came out of his audition with a giant smile on his face. He put his hand on my shoulder, “have fun, and good luck!” I took a deep breath as I walked into the choir classroom. Mr. Kentros was sitting at the piano with sight reading papers in front of him, there was a chair next and a music stand next to the piano for whoever was auditioning. He had his water bottle in one hand and a pencil, which he was using to scribble notes about Coby’s audition on a piece of paper. I looked over and saw Kentros ’wife Anni was sitting at his desk probably there watching the auditions. Ahh! I though. I didn’t prepare for both of them! I can’t do it. Leave! Leave now. Just walk out. I felt myself starting to turn around. Stay. You need to do this. I walked over to where the chair was by the piano. I tried not to think about and extra person being in the room so I could start my audition. “Are you ready?” Kentros asked, I didn’t answer. I couldn’t stop staring at Anni, she made me more nervous than I already was. She was intimidating. “Do you want Anni to leave?” He asked. I felt myself nod. Anni quickly smiled at me and left the room. Did I just kick his wife out of my audition? Oh NO! I didn’t mean that. This is turning very out badly. I gulped. Kentros handed me a piece of paper so I could do

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