I Was Born on the Silk Road

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“I cannot imagine physically stepping out of Florida.” The words of my fellow classmate rang in my head. I could not fathom the thought of staying in one place; this seemed too foreign and strange to comprehend, as though it was against my nature, my identity. My mind and body have been in motion throughout my life; flowing, and changing as I grew up in India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and America. Each holds a foothold in my identity, without complete immersion in any. The motions in my life-helped shape my perspective, behavior, and beliefs but most importantly, it made me realize my identity is an ever-shifting stream of energy. It is built upon a process of imitation, innovation and challenges from a multicultural compilation of…show more content…
Observing practices and customs from extended family during yearly visits is not sufficient enough for me to feel completely immersed within the Indian world. Due to this, I don’t always understand what is expected of me. At times my foreign nature has created barriers between those who were completely part of the culture and me. Patriarchy was one such barrier. One that set the foundation for my morals and beliefs as I submerged myself into its unfamiliar world in order to truly understand my own familiarities. My understanding of patriarchy developed from its inherent presence in every culture I was a part of. I only recognized the reality of how extensive and deeply embedded it was when I faced the different generations of feminist problems simultaneously. Dealing with them at the same time is almost like an out of body experience, I am physically a part of the situation but spiritually I am able to reflect upon it with an unbiased perspective; I thus comprehend the problems faced by both sides. I most strongly went through this experience when studying a popular feminist novel, The Awakening. My perspective on the protagonist and plot seemed to differ from those around me. I had experienced the first generation feminist issues presented in the novel. Not directly but through close family and friends who are still immersed in the deeply patriarchal

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