I Was Driving Home From School Essay

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I was driving home from school when all the sudden I see a light flashing on the dash of my car. It was the oil light telling me that it was time to have an oil change, so instead of driving home I went straight to the toyota dealership because at the time I drove a Toyota Landcruiser. When I got there they handed me a clipboard full of information i needed to fill out. It took me a full ten minutes to complete and even after all that they still handed me more papers to write my signature on, I thought to myself, ”all that for a simple oil change”. After finally completing all the paperwork a man took me to the dealerships waiting room and told me that my oil change should not take long. I was happy to hear that because I wanted to be on my way. I only expected to be there for 25 to 30 minutes, so after 20 minutes I started looking at the door hoping someone would walk in and tell me they finished the oil change. Ten minutes later and still nothing. I was getting very impatient and I was starting to work an appetite. The worst part is they had the food channel on and no remote for me to change the channel with, so i got up and went to go find a vending machine. Near the car displays they had a popcorn machine so i scooped myself a small bag full. The popcorn was super salty and stale and what made it even worse was there was no water to be found. So now i 'm sitting back in the waiting room hungry and thirsty with a bag of uneaten popcorn, and still no word about my car. A
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