I Was Seeing Red

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Was this really what my life was going to be? I have hopes and dreams like any other ordinary person. I’m just not allowed to fulfil them. In the end I suppose all my life I knew my fate was sealed. I just never wanted to accept it… ever. It was the evening my parents called me round for dinner that I knew it was coming. The only time my parents invite me round is if it is a special occasion.However, was it special or considered an occasion to me? No. There we were sat around the dining table both of them staring at me with a beaming grin. It was worrying. I wasn’t sure how to react when I first found out. I was hoping it was a terrible joke or dream, well nightmare, anything expect for real life. I was getting married… m-a-r-r-i-e-d. Married. It’s meant to be the happiest day of your life. So why did I feel so sceptical towards the idea. Perhaps, it was due to the fact it was going to be arranged? Being the youngest out of my four siblings it was now my turn to continue the family tradition. All of my three sisters had gone through with it but how could I? I’m not like them. I can’t just accept that I have to get married to someone I barely know. They say you can learn to love someone but is that really what love is about? Is it really about forcing yourself to think that you love someone just to make it work even though you may not truly love them? Then again, do you have to truly love or be in love with someone to get married? People get married for all sorts of
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