I Was Sick At An Alley, After The Funeral Essay

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I was sick in an alley, after the funeral. It was the last time I wore black, and I was making a mess of it. After sitting in the damp for a few hours I crawled out of that hellhole to what I thought was the nearest bar, and ordered two neat whiskeys- one for me and the duke, just like we used to after the particularly stupid missions. A bowl of soup was put out in front of me, as it slowly dawned upon me that the bar I walked into was a diner, and the tender a waitress. Her eyes were a hazy hazel blue, sparkly grand from the last of the ludes in my system, and she smiled some pity to me. I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, and had the most goddammned delicious chicken noodle of my life. I put my last twenty on the counter, conjured up a smile, went on my way and that’s how I started seeing Nadine Penny. It’s amazing how obtuse I can be sometimes, as I went back to the next day, and the next. I kept ordering coffee, chatting her up, getting the story down and trying to tell what I could of mine. I felt compelled to be there- I liked being around her, she was funny, quirky, fresh air from the usual choke and gloom and violence of mage 's life. It was hard for me to come to terms with the fact that as I spent time with her, it was more than liking her company than I "liking" her. She was different from Danny, who 's sometimes so in my head it’s like talking to myself. We 've always been flat mates, roommates, and sometimes bedmates out of loneliness. But he was
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