I Was So Tired - Original Writing

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I was so tired. My family and I had been kayaking since eight o’clock a.m. on this balmy Saturday morning, and the time was now approaching two p.m. With little rain the week before, kayaking was harder today than almost any other. This deficiency of precipitation caused the water to be low, therefore we had to walk when the rocks cropped out above the water. My exhaustion was beginning to affect my attitude. It seemed as if everything was so dark and awful, since I was just simply fatigued by my early day’s work. At this stage of misery, I didn 't know what was going to help me get out of it. My dad came up with a grand idea as we approached our eleventh mile on the Little Coal River. He said, “Nate this would be wonderful! Doug (one of our good family friends), invited us to come play golf with him and the boys (his twin sons, Preston and John Logan) at Berry Hills.” Almost immediately, I cringed. There was nothing I hated more than golf, and now I had to play it on the same day as riding the river for what seemed like endless hours. With my soul crushed by the continuous paddling, I knew I needed to make the most out of this golfing experience. Having never played on an actual golf course before, aside from the small driving range across from my house, I was honestly somewhat intrigued. I got out of the car with a grin on my face, sweat on my brow, and a seven iron in my bag. I walked towards the putting green with a pep in my step, forgetting about my…

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