I Was Sorry For Hurting A Teacher

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I was sorry for hurting a teacher who helped make my last year in elementary school normal, however, I soon got over it. In a science class, we were doing an experiment with water. Each of us took turns moving this object down a chute and across a tank of water. I was happy when we had to do experiments in class. Other kids hated it, as it meant extra work required us to observe and turn in a written assignment. When I walked into the room for these times in the class, I was giddy. I would rush to the area where the experiment was going to take place. I wanted to show the teacher I was an able-bodied assistant who loved science. Other kids walked in hoping not to have to do anything. I lived for these moments. I did not need their…show more content…
I was pinned and unable to move. I wanted to yell at him. Instead, I winced quietly as he held me fast to the lockers. I stared at him as a gazelle looking into the eyes of a panther. I was helpless and he knew it. I felt as if there was nothing I could do about it. Bullying is all about domination, period. He let me go as I stood motionless, but what could I do. I opened my mouth if to speak, to say anything. No words came out, as they never did. Standing in a sea of kids, I felt hopelessly alone. He was nameless kid, one of a cadre of bullies who used opportunities to give them a highlight on their day. He did not care who I was, only that I was convenient. It is another part of the bully/bullied training. I feared retribution if I called attention to his actions. I was the elephant with a symbolic rope around my leg. Now, I did not have time to go to my locker, which meant going to my next class without my textbook. Shaky, I went to my next class. The thing with a bully is that no matter how dulled his or her social graces were, getting away with it was an art. My encounter lasted seconds, fifteen at most. The hallways between bells were usually crowded, to those standing at their lockers and those rushing out to get from one class to the next. Some were talking with kids they would not otherwise see. The hallways of a school are always the most active area during the day. For bullies, they need to get recognition to get the
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