Narrative Essay On Baby Sister

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It was the end of my senior year one month away from graduation. When I got home my parents said they had some good news; they looked at one another with glowing eyes. Were they having a special moment? No, they were hiding something from me and I could feel that something wasn’t right. They were happy about something I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that excited. My mother showed me an ultrasound imagine. I was going to have a baby sister .I asked how many months she was; she answered four. I was so upset that my mother would keep something like that to herself. I tried to putting a fake smile on my face but it was nearly impossible. Tears were running down my checks. I immediately went to my room. I knew that my mother felt awful it was my intention .I didn’t know what to feel on one side I had so much anger but on the other side I always wanted a younger sibling.
After 16 years of my life about to graduate and go off to college finding out you’re going to have a baby sister is a shocking surprise. I felt as if I was on a roller coaster, my emotions were twisting and spinning all over the place. I had an older sibling but never was home. I always was the big baby of the house. I didn’t think that would ever change until you find out there’s another baby on board.
Of course I always wanted baby sister or brother that I could play with and dress up. Have special moments together. My friends would tell me that siblings are annoying and always get what they want. That
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