I Was The New Kid

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All my life I had always been moving from place to place. I never stayed in the same house or even school for more than a year. I was always the new kid. It came to a point that I saw no reason enough to make new lasting friends since I will be moving at the end of the school year. My sister and I looked forward to moving but I was getting tired of always having to move. My parents were in business that changed a lot and that’s why we moved everywhere. The one thing that I always looked up to at the end of the year was being at my grandparents for the summer and not having to worry about anything. Just family time and have fun before I go to some other place. It was the summer before seven grade that I really couldn’t handle anymore moving. Every time I went to a new school, the class was either way too ahead for me to catch up or I had already learned that in my last school and that really annoyed me. That summer I never went to visit my grandparents because I need to talk to my parents and try to convince them to stay in the same school until I finish eighth grade. I stayed and helped in my mother’s shop and got a little bit closer to her. We got to do all things that little girls always dream of doing with their mom. We got our nails and hair done, went shopping and got to talk about boys and she gave me advice on life. This is the closest I ever felt to my mother. Almost half way through the summer we started to talk about what school I was going to next, but I didn’t
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