I Was Very Excited To Begin My Internship At Paul Hastings,

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I was very excited to begin my internship at Paul Hastings, as it was my first real experience in corporate America. I’ve had multiple internships before, but I never felt like I was pushed into a better professional. Upon beginning this internship, I was looking forward to a challenge and that is absolutely what I got. Within my first month at Paul Hastings I had completed more work than I did at my last internship which lasted six months. At Paul Hastings, all though my title was intern, I was a member of the business development team. I learned quickly the work I was doing mattered and that it needed to be done well. The expectation there is extremely high, which is something I should’ve known going into a competitive internship at one…show more content…
I have not increased my attention to detail not only in my internship, but all aspects of my life and am grateful for the stern, honest and constructive advice from my supervisor, that allowed me to significantly improve a weakness of mine. During my internship, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Most of my time was spent using excel and PowerPoint which provided another opportunity for me to strengthen my weaknesses. On excel I would conduct a lot of secondary research that pertained to the clients of the firm. For example, Barclays, who is a huge client in Paul Hastings financial services market, has over 700 people in relation to Paul Hastings. I went through an excel list of 700 contacts and verified through Google and LinkedIn searches whether they were still with the company or not. Most of my projects on excel were like this. Also on excel I managed the budget for the firm and kept track of how much was spent on each client, and what clients had paid the firm for its services. I tended to do well on budgeting projects and any projects involving excel and numbers. Once I realized the type of projects I was doing poorly on I was able to identify why and began making the necessary changes to improve my performance. Any task given to me that involved me having to think and analyze I did very well on. The more mundane and mind numbing projects, were the ones where I would miss multiple little things, which created a poor
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