I Was Watching A Movie Last Night

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I have always exercised a bit of a peculiar habit while watching movies. I often do not watch the main characters. I frequently discover myself observing the extras, the “nobodies” on the screen. I examine their faces, their expressions, and their hand-motions. I notice the way they hold themselves and am conscious of the way they respond to the words spoken by the protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters of the film. As I was watching a movie last night, I thought to myself, “Perhaps the accounts of the ‘nobodies’ are yet more fascinating than the anecdote’s of the characters.” I then proceeded to realize how insane I sounded, they’re just actors who are told how to react and what their expressions need to be. My mind continued wandering, and my brain made a connection between the extras on camera, and the people you see in the mall or in a restaurant. You know nothing about them. You don’t know their backstory, what they’ve been through; you don’t even know their names. You are the main character in your world, with your family and friends and acquaintances playing the supporting characters. The cashier at Target, the group of teenagers at the mall, the mom in the grocery store with the screaming child: they are your extras, but in their universe, they play the lead role, and you are one of their extras. Last night, a strange dream settled on my subconscious.
A large man sat at a table by himself. He had a large squared head with button eyes and a white…
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