I Was Watching A Movie Last Night

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I have always exercised a bit of a peculiar habit while watching movies. I often do not watch the main characters. I frequently discover myself observing the extras, the “nobodies” on the screen. I examine their faces, their expressions, and their hand-motions. I notice the way they hold themselves and am conscious of the way they respond to the words spoken by the protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters of the film. As I was watching a movie last night, I thought to myself, “Perhaps the accounts of the ‘nobodies’ are yet more fascinating than the anecdote’s of the characters.” I then proceeded to realize how insane I sounded, they’re just actors who are told how to react and what their expressions need to be. My mind…show more content…
He appeared deep in thought as he stared at a globe on his desk. He then looked up at a board that displayed thousands of pictures. He shook his head as he touched the round globe. A tear escaped from his eye. The elderly man did this a few hundred times in a row. The board then switched; different pictures appeared, yet he did the same thing. The oddest occurrence took place next: he looked at me, and acknowledged I was near him. “Hello, dear.” He said, his voice faint and whispery. “Hi.” I answer. “You wear a very curious expression.” Observed the man, “Tell me, what is it you would like to know?” Quite a few questions jumped into focus. I stood quietly, trying to decide in what order to ask them. “Who are you?” I decided to start with a cliché, and bit generic, question. They’re easy to answer. “I am the director.” He said quietly, but with dignity. “The director?” He nods. “Why are you called that?” “Oh, sweet girl,” He says fondly, “You’re brain couldn’t handle that kind of knowledge.” “Well of course it could!” I answer a bit offended. He sighs. “All the world 's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts. Shakespeare.” He pauses. “I was proud of that actor.” He says quietly to himself. “Actor? I thought he was a play-write.” He smiles fondly at me. “I know everything about you, my sweet actor. I created you quiet. Your most cherished moments are when you lie alone
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