I Was Wrong For My Brother

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I was wrong. Being the youngest in my family, I had always thought that there exist only one path for me to follow—the path that had been established by those who walked in front of me, my parents and my brother. For many of years, blinded by this idea, I unknowingly had always been following the footsteps of my brother who is two years older than me as the role model. Following the things he did, trying to achieve the same things that he achieved, soon, I became a shadow that imitated his every movement. Being able to attend the same competitive elementary school in Indonesia even though I was still under the required age, made me realize that I was able to follow the same expectation that my parents had for my brother. However, despite of the hard work that I put into studying, I wasn’t able to sit at the top during the elementary school year as I could barely pass the classes. This made me conscious of the differences between those who are gifted and those who aren’t. Not capable of entering the same middle school as my brother forced me to see the gap between us increase every moment. I started to run in an attempt to close the gap, but I tripped and couldn’t run. I could only watch the gap increase yet again. During the middle school years, I joined the same martial arts club that my brother attended after I gazed in awe of the medals that my brother had won during a city martial arts tournament. Two years of training in the martial arts club turned the no name me

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