I Wasn 't Properly Taught Much About Race

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Growing up, I wasn’t properly taught much about race. I grew up in a small town of less than 7500 people. The vast majority of people were white, with a few African Americans, a few people of Native American descent, and maybe around one hundred Hispanics. It was more common to see a big truck with the confederate flag plastered all over it than to see an African American. I had been places where there were people of different races, however, living in Louisville is the first time I have truly been around and really interacted with many people of different races.
In high school, we had two or three African Americans and about five Hispanics. We acted like it was no big deal because we had grown up with them and never even thought of them as being any different than any of us. However, when we got a new kid that was African American, everyone acted like they were from a completely different planet. People suddenly became worried that he was going to rob them. They acted like this because they had never been around people of another race and have always been taught that they are different.
I don’t really remember exactly when I was first truly aware of the concept of race, but I do remember some instances where race came into play in my life. When I was young, I remember my dad being pretty racist. I remember him saying awful things about African Americans, and of course, like any ten-year-old kid would, I thought he was right. Unfortunately, I even became a pretty racist
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