I Watch Lars And The Real Girl Directed By Craig Gillespie

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This year I watch Lars and the Real Girl directed by Craig Gillespie which is about a guy who gets very lonely and has to buy a rubber doll from the internet because … When I saw this I asked what is loneliness. For me loneliness is being away from home, family , friends and living in another country. I’m interested in loneliness because I wonder why do we get so lonely when there are many people around us sp I have come up with 2 questions. My questions are why do people get lonely and who is the most at risk and what are some solution to helping people those who are lonely. The focus of this research will be on young adult age between 15 to 29 as loneliness has a lot to do with my age group and I think we have to know hot to deal with it. I use different kinds of resources such as written, oral and visual. My resources are Sunday TV program called Advice for parents, TED Talks from Guy Winch : Why do we need to practice our emotional first aids, Loneliness Generation article from women-weekly.co.nz, stat.govt.nz (Statistic of New Zealand), mentalhealth.org, webofloneliness.com, mind.org, metro.co.uk and understood.org which are very useful and reliable.

Question 1: Why we get lonely and who is the most at risk?
This question interested me because I sometimes feel lonely and I want to know how do other people get lonely.
From watching the video from TED talks from Guy Winch called Why we need to practice emotional first aids I learned that when people get lonely…

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