I Watched A Play About A Puerto Rican Woman

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On April 8th, 2016, I watched a play about a Puerto Rican woman named Marisol who went through the emotional heartbreak of her angel leaving to go fight against God and trying to survive in an apocalyptic world. This magnificent, humorous and emotional play is simply named Marisol.
I walked down the polished floor of the Don Taft University Center of Nova Southeastern University towards the Black Box Theatre. I handed my ticket for Marisol to a smiling and courteous attendant that was dressed in a nice black outfit that consisted of black slacks paired with a black shirt. The man across from this smiling assistant was another attendant wearing a similar outfit that handed me a program with a beautiful smile. My experience started off with these pleasant work study/PVA student employees that greeted every audience member with elegance and respect. After passing the attendants, I followed the pathway into the Black Box Theatre and noticed the room is rather small with three rows of seats on each side. As I am looking around I noticed the most outlandish characteristic about the stage, the stage was cutting through the audience. I was dumbfounded; I have never seen any theatre put in the extra effort to put part of the stage within the audience. I continued at a slow pace towards my seat towards the right of the stage and noticed the setup of the stage. At this point, I had to give my appreciation towards Mackenzie Anderson, who is the stage manager and Kerry Berry who is…
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