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As a part of assignment, I watched a video in my PPG-103 class on October 18, 2016, showcasing the abundance of clean water supply in the houses of the First Nation community in Manitoba. The video shows the struggles in the lives of a First Nation community, which is based in Garden Hill in Northern Manitoba. The struggle being a lack of access to clean water for drinking and other household purposes. The video shows a family of nine members with no running water on their taps for over a week. Adam Keno, who is a senior of 69 years of age has to fetch water in pails by chipping a hole in the ice on the lake which is quite a walk from his house, even sometimes get water from one of the community wells. Moreover the video shows how some families do not even have access to proper sanitary washrooms. A senior of 82 years old Moyer Taylor uses a portion of his bedroom as toilet, as he has very limited ability to use the outhouse toilet due to his health conditions. However, at the end of the video it can be seen that there is hope for the community as the Mennonite Central Committee and the International relief organization have investigated the situation by travelling the area with the former chief of the community Mr. Harper and are willing to help the First Nation community. As I watched the video, my initial reaction was me being very shocked. It is quite hard to believe that a situation as such still exists in this country. My beliefs in equal rights for everyone in Canada

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