I Watched An Episode Of Dance Moms

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For this assignment, I watched an episode of Dance Moms, a Lifetime reality show about a dance team of young girls, their mothers, and their teacher. Earlier on in the program’s years, the show focused more on the life of a dancer, and the commitment the each dancer had to make to compete. However in the most recent episodes, such as the one I watched entitled “Another One Bits the Dust”—the 28th episode in season four, the focus seems to have shifted to more surface level cat fights between the adults. Once one is able to get to know the characters, the drama created from these altercations is absorbing and overpowering to the point where the “reality” part of the show seems overly influenced by the conducts of the show’s producers and directors. With the use of classic character roles, creative filming, and clever scene selections, the creators of Dance Moms tell a manipulated story of competitive dance and all its participants, and direct the way they all are perceived in order to keep the intended audience engaged, excited, and entertained with the show.
From the moment the episode starts, the classic good versus evil narrative begins, and the characters are quickly established for those who might not be loyal watchers. The opening few minutes showcase Abby Lee Miller. As the owner and director of the Abby Lee Dance Company, Abby tells her students and their mothers who did the best at the most recent competition, and who did the worst. She posts their faces in a
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