I Went Go See Is Silly No More By Christian Gilliam

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The title of the play I went to go see is Silly No More by Christian Gilliam. The production was held at Bob Duncan Center on the seventh of October at two o’clock. Silly No More is about a mother who is trying to get her family together for her birthday party. Her family members haven 't spoken to each other in years and their lives are full of sin, dysfunction, past hurts and pains. Upon a journey to both physical and spiritual in hopes of restoring her family with the healing power of Jesus Christ. She finally gains her family trust and love. My overall impression of Silly No More that it had a great plot and that it was well written, but he had a few minor issues. My first thought was that this play seems as if his inspiration came from his own personal life and that this is his first play. That him and his own family had taken a similar spiritual journey. The theme of Silly No More is Comedy, Spiritual/Religious, and Drama/Suspense. The comedy was not really emphasized on the play as I had hope, the only thing that was funny was the Aunt Margaret and her pun lines. Drama/Suspense was implied in a stronger way than the Comedy. For example, when the grandmother found out that her grandchild was using drugs because of her mother had done it in front of her. Finally, the last theme is Religious/Spiritual, this theme was throughout this whole play, before and after. They had prayer before and after, a lot of gospel songs and Jesus Christ showed through each scene.

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