I Went Go See Was Cineastes : Les Homes

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The movie I went to go see was cinéastes: les homes. It was about a woman giving an interview to male French filmmakers. The woman asks the males the same question she had asked the females in the previous movie. She had asked them if cinema have a gender most of them answered that they really didn’t know if it did. But most of the men spoke more about the feminism of movies and how females make better actors then men, because they show more emotion then male actors. Most men also asked female director for help writing the female part of the script, because they don’t know how women think. They also feel female directors are better directors because they think like a woman and can have a better perspective on things. Also, most of the men directors focused their films on female audiences because they feel that the females would remember their films more than men. I had chosen to watch this particular film because it was free and the group I went with wanted to see it. My favorite characters in the film would have to be Eric Toledano and Olivier Nackache because, I found them pretty funny. I like how they weren’t afraid to say anything that was on their mind. One of the scenes in the film Olivier said that he was a female underneath and Eric agreed with Olivier and joined in and said he even had long hair. I like how they didn’t care that they compare themselves to a female. The reason why I think they compared themselves to female is because they’re not afraid to show

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