I Will Be Defending The Earth's Current Population

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Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years, progressing through several eras and phases. However, questions have begun to appear, with questions if the “Earth is Overpopulated?”, if “With the Earth’s Current Population, will it be capable of maintaining life at a sustainable level?” (Heaton), and if the Earth is at risk of running out of resources at the rate we’re consuming them? My answer to all these questions is no, that although the population is currently at 7 billion people, it is not at a point where it could be considered to be overpopulated, and it is not a point where the Earth cannot sustain humans with its resources. In this essay, I will be defending the indefensible idea that we should not care about what happens to our…show more content…
(Wolchover) I agree with Wolchover that Earth has the ability to provide an “overpopulated” population the necessary resources it requires, especially food resources! For example, if food were to be the problem associated with an overpopulated population, why would farmers be paid not to farm? Farmers are paid not to farm because “the current population doesn’t demand larger quantities of crops and food that can be produced.” (PBS) This claim is essential in the argumentation about limited resources and overpopulation, because even if the current population of 7 billion were to be considered to be overpopulated, our food resources are still at sustainable levels where there is enough food to feed this population. Possible objections to this claim could be, “why are farmers paid not to farm, when they can just sell the
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