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I will be reviewing and briefly summarizing documents of Neutral Rights of the Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1917. Supplement 1, The World War. The papers as a whole go over US corresponding with both the Triple Entente and the Central Powers over issues with submarine warfare, US neutrality, policies and actions to be taken against states, and negotiations for peace. Neutral Rights Document Summary The documents go over the changes to neutral rights after the declaration of submarine warfare by Germany, including memorandums and talks for peace after the war. Submarine operations by Germany and its allies were meant to target armed ships and merchant ships that were suspected of carrying weapons and…show more content…
The memorandum then refers to the March 25th, 1916 US Memorandum, that defined vessels under the order of a belligerent state to act like a war vessel whether in neutral water or not would be treated as a war ship, to validate the new offensive. The memorandum as also serves as a counter measure by Germany to the December 10th Conference led by the Allies regarding Shipping Interests. In the conference the Allies agreed that all ships from their country would be armed. On the same day, Bernstorff sent another message to Lansing warning that Germany was expanding submarine warfare to attack all armed ships without warning as a last resort move against England. January 21,1917, a telegram from US ambassador Gerard to Lansing revealed a note sent to several neutral nations, except for the US, who endeavored to arm their merchant vessels. The note states that Great Britain encourages neutral states to arm their merchant vessel on their order and Germany would responded likewise by announcing that armed neutral merchant vessels risk being mistaken for enemy vessels and attacked as there have been instances of neutral vessels being used as traps against German submarines. Ambassador Gerard

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