I Will Be Using Emotion Focused Therapy

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I will be using Emotion Focused Therapy, and in particular will concentrate on Attachment Theory within EFT to conceptualize Ally’s presenting difficulties that she came to therapy for. A key premise of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) is that emotion is foundational in the construction of the self and is a key element of self organization (Greenberg, 2004). Emotions are seen as an adaptive form of information-processing and action readiness that orients people to their environment, and promotes their well-being (Greenberg, 2004). The goal of EFT is to use our emotional intelligence in a way that allows our emotions to guide us instead of being a slave to them (Greenberg, 2004). Emotions are important because they inform people that an important need, value, or goal may be advanced or harmed in a situation (Greenberg, 2004). Through our development, emotional experience, culture, and our biologically and evolutionary based internal programs, our emotional responses have created emotion schemas (Greenberg, 2004). These are organized responses and experiences produce units stored in our memory that serve to help us to anticipate future outcomes (Greenberg, 2004). Although our emotional schemes are meant to be adaptive, by helping us guide our actions appropriately, it is clear that due to negative experiences, one can create maladaptive responses/schemas to different types of situations that do not properly inform people about a need, value, or goal appropriately (Greenberg,
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