I Will Become a Physician

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I Will Become a Physician.

With the ever-changing field of medicine, many people wonder what medicine will be like in the future. For example, will we still have to live in fear of contracting an incurable and deadly disease, like AIDS? Or will medicine in the future have the capability of handling such threats to our lives? Answering these questions and having the proper education and training to help prevent such threats has been my major ambition. I feel that I can best fulfill this ambition by becoming a physician.

I never really thought of going to college until the tenth grade. Just like my father, I had always thought I would be a mechanic and own my own shop because I enjoyed the challenges that arose
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Through comprehensive tutor training, I further developed my interpersonal skills and knowledge of the concepts and procedures gained from previous course work to help students in their classes. Not only was this a valuable learning experience for the students I tutored, but it was also a worthwhile learning experience for me. In particular, I found working with students from different cultural backgrounds very broadening and personally rewarding.

In the summer of 1993, I volunteered in the transportation department at St. Mary's hospital in Tucson, Arizona. This gave me the opportunity to communicate with many patients and observe physicians. I will never forget the faces of those severely ill patients. The importance of medicine and physicians in our society became even more clear and compelling to me.

The following summer I participated in the first Minority Medical Education Program (MMEP) held at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. The purpose of this program was multifaceted. It gave me a better understanding of what is expected in medical school and the responsibilities and characteristics of a commendable physician. For example, through my involvement with MMEP, I have been shadowing an orthopedic surgeon at University Medical Center for more than twelve months. I observe his specialty and communication skills with his patients and fellow physicians. I also have the chance to watch him
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