I Will Define Hipaa Law

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Several years ago, a mandate was ordered requiring all healthcare facilities to progress from paper charting and record keeping to electronic health record (EHR). This transition to electronic formatting has pros and cons associated with it. I will be describing the EHR mandate, including who initiated it, when it was initiated, the goals of the EHR, and how the Affordable Care Act and the Obama administration are tied into it. Then I will show evidence of research and discuss the six steps of this process as well as my facilities progress with EHR. Then I will describe meaningful use and how my facility attained it. Finally, I will define HIPAA law, the possible threats to patient confidentiality relating to EHR, and how what my facility…show more content…
There will be information at hand to assist in making medical decision during the time of visit. Lastly, the EHR mandates that people’s health information is to be kept secure ("Department of Health and Human Services," 2008). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the EHR are tied to each other. The Obama administration has been an advocate for the EHR. Part of the ACA echoes the intended outcomes of the EHR. The ACA is aimed at reducing health care costs and improving the overall quality of health care, which is also a goal of the EHR. The ACA calls for an improvement in the quality and efficiency of healthcare, and with having an EHR a patient’s health information is at hand wherever treatment is sought out, improves the efficiency and quality of care provided. The ACA states that Medicare will reimburse in part based on patient satisfaction. Improvement in the ability to care for patients with the EHR should have a direct correlation with an improved patient satisfaction. This is another way in which the ACA and the EHR are tied to each other ("The Affordable Care Act," 2011). Student’s Facility Plan To better understand where my facilities progress is concerning EHR’s, I will first explain the six step process in implementing an EHR. In the first step, an organization must assess their preparedness to initiate an EHR. This includes their
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