I Will Focus On A Pine Tree Legal For The Privilege, Power, And Inequality

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Introduction: In my final reflective essay, I will focus on the whole progress of my Pine Tree Legal Aid CAP (Community Action Project) group. Particularly, I will focus on how my own contribution was connected to the privilege, power, and inequality frame, and reflect upon on the class reading and events. At the same time, I will apply my reflections on the individual level, which is my own contribution to my CAP group and class, and on the international level which contains my connection to both my CAP members and the clients I have been worked with. I will reflect on the institutional level also which is focused on the connection from my experience to the peers and class. Overview of CAP project with more advanced progress: Our Pine Tree Legal CAP group has dedicated ourselves to define the connection how Legal Aid setting is highly interacted and influence our community, and at the same time we try to explain how the Legal Aid is bonding with the privilege, power and inequality. To start talking about my contribution, I want to first declare my duty in the group as the only English as a second language speaker. My job is focusing more on the research and organized interview data work. But I did pick up some extra work on interviewing the clients when our whole group was facing time crisis. The interview I did with the Pine Tree 's clients is focused on the divorcing rights and specially focused on the custody and property rights. When I first talked to

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