I Will Never Be Rid Of English Classes

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Thirteen years in the making is this essay. I will finally be rid of English classes. The seven-hour writing sessions the night before an essay is due are finally done. I have been in an English class since I can dot my i’s and cross my t’s. Now that I am at the culmination it is a sappy time. I will miss and be glad I will never have to analyze a book or use a book as a lens for another book. For this course I have taken twelve years of English class and yet this course has been the most difficult of them all. But as the saying goes, “what does not kill me makes me stronger”. This course has made me a far better writer than I have when I first stepped into the course from the first. I remember the first in class assignment on Jacques. I sat there for twenty minutes before even putting the pen on paper because I had no idea what to write about. After the end of the assignment of was fairly certain that I was going to fail this class. I made very general observations about the speech. The observations started with basic summary and not too in depth analysis, what I was accustomed to writing in high school. I said in my untitled passage about Jacques speech, “We can do anything and be anybody and we are not forced to have a predestined role chose by a director”. That was the farthest in depth I went about the human condition. I did not even mention the word human only in my first sentence when I was restating the question as my opener. The class was allowed roughly
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