I Will Never Forget That Day

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I will never forget that day, April 21, 2014. It was a very tough day for me. It was 8:50 am. I remembered I was all by myself with twelve children in the classroom. One of the children named Karina in my classroom started to throw tantrums. At the beginning, I endeavored to comfort her, but it was hopeless. Therefore, I decided that I left her alone. After about 10 minutes, Karina didn’t stop crying at all; instead, she screamed even louder. I felt I had the responsibility to calm her down so I made my last effort. I quickly walked to Karina’s side and looked at her very seriously. While I put one of my hands on her shoulder, I spoke to her firmly “Please stop crying now.” Karina looked at me for a second and she stopped crying right away. Everything went back as usual in just a second. About five minutes later, I saw Ms. Jenna our front desk helper walk to my classroom. Ms. Jenna looked at me anxiously and said to me: “What do you do to Karina? Ms. Janice (Katy’s mom—one of the parents) screamed to me that she would report the incident to the licensing. I felt horrified and I was speechless at one moment. After a while, I said to Ms. Jenna, “I just ask Karina to stop crying.” Ms. Jenna didn’t say anything afterwards and she went back to the front desk. Meanwhile, Ms. Janice came back to pick up her daughter, Katy from the classroom. I felt I needed to clarify the situation to Ms. Janice. I remembered I said to her something like that, “I just try to calm Karina down. I

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