I Will Never Lose Patience And If I Do, I Will Work Harder

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I will never lose patience and if I do, I will work harder to achieve this valuable virtue. Being patient with my athletes and keeping communication channels open, empathetic, and positive with sound reinforcements and corrections will allow me to be more effective in the long run. I will never allow myself or my athletes to get bored. Getting bored forces their concentration outside the sphere to a daydream state which can be detrimental if hanging on the side of mountain or engaged in a fast break in basketball. I will never allow myself or my athletes to be overly tasked to a point where negative learning occurs or where frustrations rule the moment. This is a potential area for physical injury or a hit on their confidence and…show more content…
SA is knowing and integrating the past and present with a forecast for the future and then creating a sound plan of action to achieve another short term goal in the staircase toward a performance goal. This requires the person to be also engaged in the moment with sound decision making as a response to the feedback they just received in their dynamic environment. The ability to concentrate, to focus on the moment with intentional effort, to be consistent, committed, adaptable, disciplined, confident, calm, and composed are just a few of the characteristics required to achieve this high state of situational awareness. Without situational awareness, the athlete or fighter pilot will be behind the jet or lagging in their sport with poor performance aimed toward failure. The ability to refocus and get back in the game with total concentration on the moment to regain SA is one of the toughest items on the agenda as an athlete. The better one is prepared mentally and physically for all aspects of the flight or the game increases their chances of maintaining this SA and the degree of concentration needed for that event. Realizing that one can only control their attitude, effort, and focus also plays into this complex, individualized ability to concentrate. According to Dr. Robert Alkov, a noted human factors in aviation expert, selective
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