I Will Outweigh The High Cost Of College

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Having an education is one of the best gifts someone can be given, and because of that I am grateful for the education my parents have provided me. With more jobs requiring a high school diploma or GED, the high school education I have received will help get me farther in life. However, having a high school diploma isn’t enough. Without a college degree, many doors will still be closed and opportunities will pass by. I'll never be able to advance in my chosen career. While the high costs of college are of great concern to me, I believe the future benefits will outweigh the disadvantage of cost. Being thrown into the college life is a new experience that will force me to mature. I've always wanted to go to college to escape from my family and grow up. The thought of living hundreds of miles away from my parents…show more content…
At first, I thought a cheaper, public college would be a better choice as a school, but as I learned, a more expensive private university would be better. My sister told me going to a private university may be more expensive, but there would be more opportunities for gaining scholarships to lessen the cost. To this day, I still don't know whether or not a public or private college would be more beneficial for me, but I do know I've become less worried about the cost. Despite all the doubts I have, I know college will be beneficial for my life. Attending college will mature me into an adult and cause me to shed my childhood. It will also teach me things I did not learn previously. I will gain a college degree which will allow me to acquire a well-paying job and benefit my family and I in the future. Finally, despite the cost, I'll pay less with the help of scholarships I gain. College is an experience I would hate to miss. No matter what happens and what hardships I will have to endure, I wouldn't miss it for the
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