I Will Provide As Much Feedback

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I will provide as much feedback as I can on the essay. It will not only include grammar and punctuation corrections, but I will address relevant feedback that comments on their analysis. I will ask questions on the paper to guide inquiry, for when the student receives their paper back and reviews the comments. I will write a paragraph describing their strengths and weaknesses that were visible, and what they will need to work on in order to improve for the next time. I would definitely require students to revise their papers, and hand-in a rewrite. If I did not require them to rewrite their essay, I would require them to do peer edits using the read aloud protocol. After they have mastered the approach, I would provide them with a new prompt and excerpts. Using what they have learned by revising or editing their papers and their peer’s papers, I would ask them to rewrite their essays using the same prompt and excerpts they just wrote on. This will allow me to assess their improvement from what they knew, and what they know now to make a more effective analysis. ]
3. Evidence of Language Understanding and Use
You may provide evidence of students’ language use from ONE, TWO, OR ALL THREE of the following sources:
1. Use video clips from Task 2 and provide time-stamp references for language use.
2. Submit an additional video file named “Language Use” of no more than 5 minutes in length and provide time-stamp references for student language use (this can be footage of one or
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