I Will Take A Sony Dream Machine Model Icf Cs15ip Alarm Clock

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Waking up in the morning is a difficult task for some people, whereas for others waking up may seem like a natural routine. Well for those people who have a hard time waking up or just wanting to get up at a specific time there was a device invented called the alarm clock. This device was originally invented by ancient Greek philosophers around 250 B.C. and over the years mechanical alarm clocks were invented by Levi Hutchins in 1787 (History of Clocks. (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2014.), then came radio alarm clocks invented by James Reynolds (The History of Alarm Clocks {INFOGRAPHIC}. (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2014.), and finally the modern alarm clocks with IPhone or IPod docking bays. My objective is to write a proposal for option one on the final project, in which I will take a Sony Dream Machine model ICF-CS15iP alarm clock and discuss my experience using and interacting with the device. Also I will examine how other people interact and review their experience in using the Dream Machine. The methods I plan on using to accomplish this project will be to explain in detail the ways I interact with the device and go over my experience with it too. The first and second part of the project will be to gather information from various sources such as, manufacturer’s manual, Sony’s website, and web sites that contains reviews from people that have used or that is still using the Dream Machine. After, reading the reviews I will categorize them into separate…

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